Isn’t it amazing?
How we all find our way back to the Altar.
With our bones tired and mouths parched from thirsting after everything other than the Living water.
When our eyes grow dim because we looked too long in the wrong directions…
everywhere except at Him on the cross.
We seek the light to illuminate us once more,to light our paths.
A holy breath to rejuvenate us.
We take a sip of the water, and like children,drunk with power,we ran to mischief.

Isn’t it disheartening?
The way we use ourselves over and over again but gain nothing in return.
instead we return home to the hearth that witnessed our births when all seems lost and we need a Shoulder to lean on.
Broken people, that’s what we are.
Compasses broken
visions compromised by our ignorance.

I thank God for Jesus.
I thank Jesus for the deed on the cross.
I thank the cross for existing so I have someone to look up to.
I thank God for His promises.
For in my my joys and tribulations.
He remains unchanged.
For renewal,for salvation, for the now and future.
I’m grateful.


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