Dawn Comes

​I’m not silent today,
because I realize my silence has no effect on your decisions regarding me.
So here I stand,
finally speaking,
Breaking forth finally to speak.

I see the cracks in your resolve,
A dim light within the darkness you’ve submerged yourselves in.
And by that light,
I see your true face…
and with that,all the lies you’d have me believe have fallen away into nothing.

beneath the facade…you’re just like me,
only more scared.
you look around the world and see the things I see.
And your heart is filled with fear.
that is how you came to be the thing are.

What do you hope to gain by seeking to put out the very lights that could save you?
Where is your faith?
You misuse your strengths,at each and every turn.
I have more to say…but for today,
I greet you,my Oppressors. 

Photography by: @ngminvielu.kuuire on instagram. Please follow her



4 thoughts on “Dawn Comes

  1. Wow!!! Charis – amazing! And I don’t use that word lightly. It takes courage to speak up for what you believe in. Often times you feel that your feelings are not worthy of being voiced, but that only adds to feelings of unworthiness. Everyone has the right to be heard. Did I mention that this is a great poem?:)

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    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes I feel that my feelings may be so deep that others may not understand and other times I feel they are so simple that others may not understand. This piece helped me put it out there without over thinking it.

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