​Yesterday was gone before I knew it,

and today is right about walking out the door. 

It’s three minutes to the top of the witching hour.

I ask myself, what did I do during the day except think of you?

I wring the hands I could have used to work, and worry with the mind I could use to build something ,

as always, thinking of you. 

There’s so much I owe you, for just because I exist, you do too,in our future 

It’s a lovely and intriguing paradox,

I blink,staring at my reflection 

my eyes boring into yours 

as the clock continues to tick and tock and tick and tock above us.

Us?! there is no us,

 at least not now… sixty seconds left 

I should act now if I want the future me to come to be.


Photo by @lavablefocus


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