• the last time 

Death,of course, did not bring the peace it advertised in the words of the so called wise men and speakers that thronged every corner of social media during my day.

yes, it feels like it was just a day. Even now, as my body lays in box of rosewood six feet under, I would gladly change places with someone living,for any price…it would be worth twenty-four hours. A day!oh what differences I would make!

Ignoring the nuisances and distractions I fell prey to…all those seconds and minutes and hours wasted.

If I could have a day!

but I couldn’t say what I’d do within that period 

(the dead are not allowed to speak to the living) 

but all of this you hear me say is the translation of my current state into your thoughts, pitiful, dead and gone beneath all the finery and makeup… echoing in the hearts of those living…

those watching as more dirt is piled upon me as if to erase my existence.

Ashes to ashes and sadly, dust to dust.




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