life And living It.

Through it all,I’ve tried to stay strong, to stay on course and to smile all the time so that others would remember to smile. Then hopefully they’d smile and remind me on the days that I forget that I have the option to smile, that I Can. That everything’s fine and that I have choices I can make. 

Our choices stay with us,there is no magic eraser that can take away what happens after we act. Our choices define us and shape us,we may be conscious of the changes our choices evoke or not.

We strive to be better…or not. But either way,we go for what we want passively or aggressively. 

I,for one, am typically someone who chooses the less traveled path because I expect it to be more rewarding. 

All I’m really here to say today is, all that we go through and do means Something. Times will come when we’ll have the chance to affect the world, to give back to the world and systems which helped shape us. We’ll have the option to either make this world better than we found it or leave it worse than we did. And that’s enough for Me. That’s enough to make me brave through fears and go for what I want each day. I’ll get right bask up if I happen to fall,I’ll ask questions when I realize I may be ignorant of certain things,I’ll reach out to others, I’ll be the ambivert that I am. I’ll live.

Because just knowing that I get the chance to give back to the world…that alone,gives me enough purpose. 


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