The pain. 

I can’t feel it but I know I’m hurting. 

And yes,I saw it coming. 

But I still feel like an accident. 


Of what exactly? 

of time?of fate? of decisions? of myself?! 
It’s there, *I know* 

The pain.


I willed it away,

But what I wouldn’t give right now to feel.

Just to feel something. 

Anything in the right place 
I thought I was there,

In the right place…beside him Always. 

Doing the right thing.

But now I know, Oh yes I know nothing. Nothing like that exists. 

what’s a vision if it resides in your heart? 

Is it really alive or just an illusion? 
The words won’t come out…choking, 

and that’s how I know I’m in pain.

Forget about the tears,

They flow down my face even when I’m laughing. 

I’m choking and the words won’t come out.

And this is the pain I now know. 


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