Ifs, Buts and Maybes


Tell me…

What is enough?

And when will it be?

If I could count as you do in the recesses of your mind and heart,

Maybe we’d meet at the finish line.



Maybe the days don’t run as fast I think

And east isn’t the direction I seek (they say good things come from the east)

I wish for fountains of forgiveness wherever they are needed.

Any bouts of sadness diminished by a soft words

And understanding as free as the wind.


But your thoughts don’t make you a woman until they translate to action,

And neither do your dreams

To fly a kite isn’t to pilot a plane

The process to success is entrenched in reality

So if you let me, maybe we’ll make it together

So don’t you go wandering in your dreams.

For present is where you become a champion


Image courtesy of Nils Britwum


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