Dear Ayo
here I am again,Ayo
taking comfort in the scent of paper when i’d rather be drenched in the warmth of your gaze
and here I sit dreaming,
baring my heart and mind and watching my pen bleed in response…
Seasons have come and gone Ayo
Long and sweet… short and bitter
but none as special as where we find Ourselves now.
I’m hoping you won’t let go,
let’s stand the fabled “test of time”
keep your eyes on me Ayo..hold on to what you see
they say our love is blind
but just because they can’t see it doesnt mean it ceases to exist.
So no matter what happens
please never forget,
the things you’ll always be to me even when we are no longer a unit
….until the last speck of dust settles on the dust our feet kicked up in life
you’ll always be,
My dear Ayo.
(c) Charis 09/16


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