Most days it was the carrot.
The stick was for arguments.
But today it was the carrot.
Of course,it was a bribe.
He needed something.
Perhaps,his daily validation from her,
Somehow not everything had changed.

She lost him the very moment she had opened up herself to him.
Whether he was lost in her or to her,she couldn’t fathom.
She remembered though, that had been the first time she’d taken the offered carrot.
His hands had been greasy, but it hadn’t mattered to her then…it was simply part of his nature.

But the carrot had marked her as one of his “bunnies”.
The ones locked in the prison of his whims,words and charms.
Oh,and his smile of course.
She no longer stood out in the glory of her mystery.
Now he fed her with the rest whenever he felt inclined to do so.
It was always carrots.
Well mostly.
The stick was for those who tried to break away.



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