Will you be there?


I call out once, i call out twice.
Can’t find it in me to make it thrice.
A response sure would have been nice.
But I doubt you would know that.
Doubt it’s even crossed your mind.
To you nothing is fair.
But tell me, will you be there?.

When I hurt and bleed.
When I remember the creed.
The lost words, the dirty deeds.
The instant messages, the live feeds.
But now I get no replies.
Left wondering how you fare.
Just need to know, will you be there?.

One way ticket to the past.
Avenging us, righting my wrong.
It’s almost a blur,heart pounding in despair.
I tug on the bell, I know this stop is the last.
But you’re not waiting among the throng.
So I ask myself, will you ever be there?

Alone i walk, my shadow by my side.
In a wilderness without your guide.

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