You said it finally,

I always come running back to you.

I guess i’m guilty of where my feet take me,

And a stack of whispered grievances piled high in your mind.

But it’s good,good to be reminded that the spoils of war have no home.

No port to dock,

Just seas of memory to sail in solitude.

I guess i’ll always come running back to my friend.

at least that’s what i believed then.

because when all your mirrors lie broken,there’s that place you’ll seek to behold your reflection.

But the roles CAN shift it seems,

Especially with that stack of expectations piled high in our minds.

No matter,it’s done..the bandages are no more but my strength is still mine.

Time will heal me in each step i take away from you.

I guess i can’t keep these feet from running.

But it’s fine,fine to know at least i’m headed somewhere.

And if you offered hope i’d steer to your direction,

But when the building blocks of a relationship refuse to yield to change,

And the sores of yesterday create muddy waters within you,

My feet can’t move towards you even if i will them to.

So understand,next time,when i ran in any direction but to you.




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