And so we were introduced,
to soft voices and torrents of love.
the sun and the moon sharing one vast sky,
yin and yang rocking the life -boat,
and that sweet resounding rhyme…
about the twinkling of worldly stars.
And so I was introduced,
to a man kind living out chosen stereotypes.
Repeatedly walking beaten paths into the past.
And so I was in the beginning,
unmoved by inept ideals stacked to block long sight.
I fear the sentiments you presented and represented then for me are much too fickle.
No wonder your rhythm failed to resonate with all the Greats.
We seek to transcend all surface
To plant ourselves in the engineering.
And so I found myself before your mundane madness gained foothold.
For when it comes to your madness,
I remain,
As I was in the beginning,



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