Please welcome me home
Welcome me home to the sights and sounds…of mosquitoes.
The lover who whispers deadly musical tones
Intoxicating drones that lure you to dance to their tune of misfortune
“Clap clap”
Applause so easily given
And yet why am I your fellow Ghanaian so easily driven…away?

Please welcome me Home
Welcome me home to the aromas of the fetridetsi and ewokpl3
The steaming kenkey, blazing pepper and tasty fish.
The emutuo and groundnut soup
The fufu with copious amounts of meat floating in a delicious green sea, ebunubunu. …
The twozaafi and ayooyo
The nkati cake, plantain chips, the aleha,  the palm wine. The hausa koko and kose.
The sweet edibles: alewa, ayigbe toffee and poki.
Don’t forget that dough fried in oil that can be referred to as bofrot, bufalof, b33f,  or bofloat.
Sure I like the chapati and dahl as well as the beancurd cooked in egg …but who am I to deny the power of Gari?

Please welcome me Home
Welcome me home to the heat of our endless summer days
The rains that are welcome relief from the heaven’s rays
And YET cannot provide for us sufficient green because of our own stubborn ways…
But as long as the tree gives shade to the elders playing draught on the bench
And even when the rains seek revenge
I will share in your pain even if by my own people I am slain

Please welcome me home
Welcome me home to the solidarity of being African
The homeliness we are known for under our common sun
Where son and daughter are cared for
And forgotten is the rule of leaving home at 18 and “wiser”
So why does my simple struggle with the language make me a stranger?
Where is the elder? Where is the teacher?  The one who should embrace me and teach the ways of society?
Instead you mock me and set me aside. Zero subtlety.

Please welcome me home
Welcome me home to the land of my people
Yes I still call you my people because you are
We have the same skin,  same hair,  same heritage and yet I’m somehow alien by far.
I guess the crevice of differing intonation and ideals from wherever I lived before is so deep that I cannot compare to the small leap of trust between the local and the white man. Funny.

Please welcome me home
For I long to belong to a place where my skin is not an issue
Where bullying me for my difference doesn’t end with my face in a tissue.
A place where people ask why I do what I do and not shun me cause it’s simply new.
What’d I ever do to you?!
Others do it to us so why do it to me too?

And so I ask and continue to ask. ..
Would you please welcome me Home?

©Moon Willow


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