(this piece is dear to my heart. Its about every imaginable kind of love,the rush,the feeling….the thoughts,compromises and promises that we make to ourselves and those we profess love for. In the end,the success or failure of ‘love ventures’ rest ultimately in how much we are willing to give..I hope every line brings more to than it has to me. Enjoy!)


Loves artillery

O gentle smiles

And caressing eyes.

Sweet guile and touches…

The colorful novel brilliance

Lending strange exaltation

Which may possess us

As voices quiver with common conviction

Saying; I love you, I really do.

O principles imprisoned within us!

They shake free finally

And float around…

Then shot down, they fall

Love becoming more real than thought itself

Unaccountable behavior controls sense

And the distinctive refrain again

Ringing; I love you, I really do

O the silent scream of the mind

As feeling takes hold and reason runs to hide

Graceful blows; wrought

On a mid-summers night dream awakened

A tendril of feeling reaches out

But finds no companion

Then here is an end

Where a heart is crucified on its cross of affection

Loves itinerary is finally exhausted

Only when it lies bleeding,

In its coffin of memory.



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