this to the one who is mine as i am theirs,

a friend and brother,sister and dear

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Last night I felt that I’d lost you forever

Cried myself to sleep

Then dreamt we were together

Sweet irony or a misplaced hoax?

Dammed if know which is the reality

My mind is working to calm my emotions

But my heart knows what it KNOWS

So now I’m stuck here, away from you and with the question

Bitter truth or just a joke?

Thinking about it may be enough to kill me.

Twelve years I’ve known you

Twelve years of joyous madness

And in twelve hours the distance seems so wide.

We been together whenever we could

Braved worse circumstances just to maintain our LIFE

Different schools and cities

matching dreams and aspirations

So come on, let’s do this!

 1398.84 miles really isn’t that much.




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