someday i’ll forget

Someday I’ll Forget

Someday I’ll forget,

That your favourite colour is blue,

That you like fish and seafood,

The scent of the fresh rain.

Someday I’ll forget,

That you hate goat meat,

You dislike getting out of bed,

For the simple reason of bathing.

Someday I’ll forget,

I was just an option,

The fall guy,

The brother from another mother.

Someday I’ll forget,

The smell of your hair,

The glow of your skin in the moonlight,

The warmth in your eyes.

Someday I’ll forget,

Your two left feet,

That crazy tinkering you call laughter,

And your frostbitten anger.

Someday I’ll forget,


But I will never forget,

The way you made me feel.

© Sena Kodjokuma 2015


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