‘Ayo’ in the Yuroba language spoken in Nigeria means joy.

i hope you enjoy this piece.



Dear Ayo

You do the impossible…

To me, to you

In all that sunshine u brew

You hold my hand in yours

Making me feel so small but more….

 Way more than I counted my worth.


You look into my eyes

Where I hide every dark thing

Yet you don’t see the hurt

 Only see the light i bring  

You do things to me man cannot attempt

Creating in me a wonder of emotion and depth

My dear Ayo.

You bring me joy

Even at my end

Your love will last…. It never bends.

And just Because of u

My heart blooms at the end of each day,

I know the truth I can’t hide

And if my lips fail to betray my heart

My pen will play the part….

My dear Ayo.




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