If You Can

I look at me in the mirror,

The tears from last night my make up,

Puffy red eye liner.

A reflection from within,


I wonder where the love has gone,

Culled from your voice,

Broken from your workman hands,

Taking away your beauty.

Am I no longer good enough?

Not pretty enough?

Too submissive?


That otherwise heavenly voice has tamed me.

I have a dream,

To feel beautiful,

To be held,

To be loved.

Love me,

If you can,

Hold me if you can,

Drink from the wells of my lips if you can.

Because if you can’t,

I’ve got my bags packed.

If you can’t,

My ticket is nestling in my bag,

If you can’t,

The keys are under the carpet,

If you can’t,

Your ring is on your bed.

You may have taken me,

I may love you,

But I will walk away,

Before you hold me under the surf of my tears.

When you decide to love,

There may be another,

So make haste.

Love me,

Not because you can,

Only if you can.

©  Sena Kodjokuma 2015


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