love dream

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If joy was a dream,

I would never cover the guilt of my morning streams.

Reality makes all clear,

But my dreams blur.

Fate negotiates with my aspirations,

My mind, a glutton of lust.

Gonads wrestling with ego for trust.

Heart holding on to scattered emotion.

For your information…what I feel for you is no infatuation.

I untied the strings of a fling,

Yet find a knot,

 One which makes my sentiments sing,

Addicted…an understatement.

To our Sentiments…


If this life was a stream,

I’d gladly strip pieces of clothing,

Dive deep and not bother swimming.

My dreams manifest in the suns’ reflection.

But no matter how Bright it seems,

My right hand won’t shield my eyes,

Only my heart.

While my left hand would lay on your heart.

My hands protect what’s yours and mine,

So that our eyes are left free to see,

All that could and never be…


And if joy is our dream,

I’d definitely wake up,

Grab a bottle of drugs,

And take it all into me.

No bother with a suicide note,

There would only be a message wrote…

An invitation.

To the one reality I know,

The bearer of my dearest emotion.


Your smile is like a beam,

Everything you do seems to make me grin!!images (6)

If life was a dream,

I would buy a house right by joys’ stream…

To trade astute words for an eternity.

charis and B




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