I am the sum of the little things I do.

The rights and wrongs are me,

Through and through.

That’s how you found me.

But u still had love.

From the core of my being to the profound individual.

Mind, body, soul, spirit,

It was all me.

But you still had love.

There was no essence of gall,

No frustrations inside.

Tell me what changed?

Or is it just a why?


I am the sum of the things I feel and do

And of what I see and how I move.

I’m still Me.

The discovery u now loathe.

I’d hoped for growth,

you and I.

Not a remake of our souls.

For you loved me as I was,

And I loved you in due course.

There were no thorns in our flesh.

So what is it?

What did you miss?

For I still remain the sum of all you make me feel and do.

I still remain in love with you.




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