my solo conversation




I know what I’m about and do what I can,

To be able to look back with a satisfied past.

You must understand,

There is nothing redundant when it comes to my heart

I want a life.

I want rainbows and sunshine.

I didn’t think it was working out, so I put such things aside.

So u took what u willed,

Left me with the grime of life…

And a series of whys.

No one can lend me a hand,

For I travel my own unique path.

Ours may cross sometimes,

Then people move on with their lives.

But they weren’t just anybody

They didn’t just up and leave on random days.

By me… the time was set and place.

I speak through bitter dregs that I still taste,

Walking through the night on broken mirrors

Wondering, which and what part of me is now destroyed?

The storms up again, and I’m left immobile.

All the moaning seems to have receded to a monotone

As I stay awake reliving what everybody and nobody knows

There’s a conversation tonight,

It’s nice to know u attend

For ever since I realized,

My soul would rather smile than cry,

Even when my heart is far in dark skies.

There to see others but never reaching.

I don’t know who’s me anymore

But I know who I can be tomorrow.

After each damn fight,

The light will surely hold and wrap me up again.

Charis 2013


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