back to black

this special piece is by Robin,my special friend and strongest critic.

its one of my favorites from him.

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Back to black, back to the dark.
We got awfully close, overly familiar.
I knew the risk, others bore the brunt.
Few who got close, are now the outliers.
I recall telling you not to let me in.
Now it’s all ashes, it’s back to black.

No time to feel regret, no tears to shed.
Fates were sealed, when we locked lips.
Now you slink to the deep,back to black.
I blame you not, the contrast was stark.
We never said goodbye, but left tips.
Our actions laid us to rest, lifeless dead.

Two very close friends, the toast of the clique.
Now the crust of rust, a canker, an eyesore.
The phone calls are in silence then end, clicks.
The texts, not replied, ignored, left blank.
And hearts removed, empty, aching, sore.
All left now… Is dark, back to black.

Sorry if i, you were hurt friend, I tried my best.
But that only means all i did was my worst.
All which should be bent I broke, your heart, I cracked.
Least i’ll die with open eyes, that says, you reap that you sow.
I saw it come, saw it take your form, as I watch I know.
For the hundred times you died, i’ll pay as you drag me back to black.
( 12:30am, 13/12/13)


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