Say with me the empty words
Bind our hearts
Blind our eye.
Strike the path all wish to conquer
Maybe we will
Maybe we won’t

Kill reason
Who needs two lights
We’ve got passion
We own the supreme
Maybe we’ll win
maybe we won’t

Highlight this time
We’ll only live once
We’ll own this logic
Open up our victorious fate
Maybe we will
Maybe we won’t

Kill the time
It killed our fire
Kill our minds
We were led as astray to think that…
Maybe will.
Maybe we -won’t- will.



I Am.
The chip on the tea cup,
Whiffs of that particular scent I always wear.
My smile,
Yours too,
I won’t let you forget.

Fire up the engine,
And hear my scream of delight.
Look over now- to empty passenger seat.
Reminisce, yes,remember it’s my spot.
Yours remains in my heart,
And I’ll never let you forget.

The questions your mama asks,
When she realises I’m not around.
The subtle whispers when you hang with our friends,
That emptiness .
You’ll feel it in your hands because I’m not there.
I hope you never forget.

Close knit was our bond,
But now-unraveled
In parts-
Unparalleled,is this one-sided heartbreak.
But it’s redirected to you,you see
And so expect you’ll never be able to forget me.



Only good for next piece,
ĺTĺhaĺt’s how easy she was.
All the attention,attachments, yet still
Not enough for an eternity.
All for nothing,
Each man for himself.
She was,just because it was deemed so,
Only good until the next piece.



Hold me just a little longer.
I may drift away but you’d be my anchor.
Do you know how much you mean to me?
Hold on,
One day I’ll surely make you see.

Journey- that’s what it’s called.
Around ourselves and around you,my world.
Sometimes its winter and others  we’ll have the sun.
So make no mistake ,
You’ll feel all my sides.

Let’s feed on all that we are.
We’ll ingest, digest and then do away with any crap.
We assess and realign till we’re acceptably in sync.
So hold on.
We’ll surely get there my love.


Discordant Mornings

The least favourite  part of my day is always it’s beginning,
And after that Ted talk…
i definitely know better,
But here i am again!
Silencing the fourth ring of my alarm !
My constant ritual in the unhappiest part of my day.

I could pile up all the facts,
But still come away with the same thing…
From childhood memories to adult realities – something hasn’t changed
A warm bath is great,
but it’s timed-  every thing is on  these horrible mornings.
Obediently , i hop into this and then to that  till I get to set engagements.

I could have had fifteen more minutes in bed…
Fifteen more minutes would have our arrival times synched.
If I’d known they’d be late… then I’d  just be on time to their time.
But here I am forced to listen and smile
Prompt replies to their stories of discordant mornings
As if….as if it’s a perfect day.



By the words I keep inside.
By ash..as it falls,
Slowly on me.
Forming a pattern? I don’t know.
Jigsaw to my puzzle,puppeteer to my pinocchio.
Of all the certainties that form  in our conversation.
By jove! See the bunnies beneath our bed.
Of the broom, leaning against unstable tables…
Beneath which the corners and so darkness resides.
By tracks of mascara when I cry.
Out in feeling ,
Stained handkerchiefs ,
Insomnia and camomile cups of tea.
By time and it’s flow has no regard
For this fact,
I’m haunted.



December 31st.
We’re still waiting for our better days.
The memories of yesterdays are yet to fade,
But i feel it- we all do.
Dear now,our lives are seeping away.
There’s nothing to be had without and so i dip within,
Kept safe in my only cocoon.
Things will change
Yes, and maybe i’ll become
A version who deserves all the nice things in life too.
[ ] Charis2020


Won’t you Awaken?
Come to me,
For In my mind I have….
Penned a hundred pieces for you,
Thought a thousand times times of all the times,
You had me riding on peaks.

And in my eyes you take residence,
Right there,
A million lanterns will always light up,
At your every move.
In the pain, pleasure and question.
Yes,the very existence of you

I hope,
To cleave from past realities,
Or the dreams of memories,
And make my way to where I must be.
And take up only what I must.
Even as I… Awaken.



Caught in the current,
and there’s blood everywhere.
Red. Stop!
I thought I’d recognize mine when the time came
But now,I know I’m not the only one.

I’m doing damage,
but I bear no weapons.
I know how this looks…I convince myself everyday,
the blood at my feet isn’t mine.

but somehow,I move…we move.
over the beating of my heart I can’t hear any sounds.
but I recognize the motion,my state.
caught up where I do not belong.

© Charis2020

Where no one sees

They gathered up today,
And as a congregation,they laughed.
It looked so simple!
So I tried to do the same.
It hurt. I think I have some  wounds inside.

Tell me,
Are you silent because you know?
I’m the one with all the questions!
It’s that saying being played out.
It’s obvious. I think I know nothing.

Is it foolishness or grace?
Time will tell when all eyes are on me.
Watch me fall!
It’s my time for that sort of thing.
Puppet I am- definitely not a disgrace.

They asked how I was doing today.
I heard everyone fakes it anyway.
It looks so simple!
So I tried to do the same.
I tried. But I think I have some wounds inside.