Doors I shouldn’t open.
Names I should never call out,no matter the need.
‘Hush!!!’ Is the warning,
But it passed,
I’d thought it was the August winds.
Because I saw that dust was brought in with the
New chapters I ought not to browse.
Tickles within, sneezes without,
And finally…
No one to shout blessings over me ,
Even as I went down,
Down the rabbit hole I had no business going in.

©️2019 Charis


We Remember

“Life is a very precious thing, and you hang onto it as much and as long as you can.” Here’s the story of how Sonia K. and her sister survived the Holocaust. https://cnn.it/2uRilIf


Sometimes I forget ..
My feelings.
And so I’m okay.
Some days I remember,
Then I’m a wreck.
Fumbling about I’m darkness which is, life without you.
3am , composing speeches you’ll never hear.

Some days I wake up to everything
And decide I’m a badass.
But evening comes once more…the silence closes in so I can,
Hear the muffled beats
Of my aching heart.
Anterograde… retrograde…
It pumps away.
Passively the tears fall.

At 3am,
I’m an unpaired sock without my love,
A burning offering to no one,
Amidst the smoke there really is no one.
I’m an unmarried sock without my love,
It’s fine when i just lay there,
But my state is revealed when my use is called to question.
I feel I am incomplete, without you,
An unpaired sock is all can be.


27th January

On the 27th we commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are some that deny the holocaust even happened and it’s our duty to SHARE and make sure the memory is not forgotten.

For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, take a photo of yourself holding a sign with the words “We Remember” and post it to social media with the hashtag #WeRemember
Via The Israel Project



Poem/ Diary Of A Haemophile
They sense the joy in my sad eyes…
Sometimes I think that I love the blood

As it trickles, tickling my dead nerves

On their way down into this grave pit.

This pained feeling I can’t do without,

Feeling alive by my draining to death,

Choosing by myself all of my torturers,

Because choice still curses us with love.

I find myself by the softer fires of hell,

A sheer comfort is in Its cold embrace

As the flames lap at my sores and hurt,

Freezing them numb for a time.

The flight of the sentimental moth

From dying embers to the next inferno,

Each one an ender for the previous hell,

Each one my potential permanent end.
Sometimes I feel I like the slavery.

Contorting to everyone else’s desires.

Spasming from bladed whips swung

From strange hands at the end of my arm.

Screaming my blood curling wails,

Hushing my heart stopping breaths.

I’m told love is sacrifice, so I’m content

As the sacrificial pyres burn my bones.

Dying, with a brilliant smile on my face,

Shedding the errs of my mortal heart.

And if I resurrect again, then next time

I’ll find a sharper scythe or guillotine,

Because this rush that speeds my beats,

This vulnerability that slows my pulse,

This very bleeding love, proves I’m alive.
So I sense the sadness in their bright eyes.

(By Nigel Neil Miles Amable, 2016).


We were

Faces in the crowd

I suppose we stood out 

A force of habit unbroken

Our bodies sifting through the mass

Feet curating the distance perfecting 

As we broke the wave surging us forward 

We caught a glance at the same time 

Drawn like moths to light 

A glimmer of recognition 

An ember long since turned to ash 

So close

Yet far enough 

Then we faded into obscurity 
sena Frost ’17


And so this is the sum of moments with You.
Fingers strumming a harp,
pure sounds of a life… beautiful.
Reflections of your glory as bullets in every moment.
Bringing down strongholds…
Breaking records and limits.
Piercing through veils that would keep us from your Truth.
In Lumine Tuo Videbimus
That is the song in our hearts,
Even as we look up and in into the glory described.
And so this is sum of my days with you.
It’s greatness unleashed.